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Does it all come down to post-processing?


Last weekend I went to Špilberk Castle in Brno. From the Castle we have some great views of the city. I took this picture, post-processed it and published in my social networks. The picture looks quite good to my eyes. And the post-processing made a big difference in this one.


After that, I uploaded a ‘before/after’ quick video to YouTube, to use as a ‘show case’ to my friends, making the point that they should take pictures in RAW and use a post-processing software to improve their images. Here’s the video:

The ‘before’ image is this one:


It’s the JPEG exported image as it came out from the camera. Zero post-processing other than the lens correction (automatically executed by Lightroom Mobile).

Showing the video to a friend, while supporting my point that the post-processing is important, I stated that the ‘before’ image was quite mediocre. I got him motivated to go out, take pictures and play with post-processing. But later in that day I also got myself wondering what techniques and gear were involved in that picture and if it was really a mediocre image. After some consideration about the subject, I came up with this list of topics:


After all that, I have the image that I wanted in order to go to the post-processing phase. My conclusion is that, regardless the fact that the image does not look very impressive in a first glance, there’s a lot going on there.

By the way, since you got to this point reading, maybe you’re interested in see the post-processing adjustments that I’ve made. Here’s the complete video:

You can see the high resolution final image here:

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